Coalition for Women’s Health in Africa (COWHA) is a platform that creates an opportunity for like-minded organisations and individuals to join forces in tackling challenges in women’s health thus accelerating advances in access to quality care for women and girls on our beautiful continent, Africa.
What is my hope for COWHA?
To drive unity for HER. There are already many incredible initiatives in Africa aimed at improving access and quality of healthcare services for women and girls. Imagine the augmented impact we would have when we are united for HER, united in advocacy for HER, implementing interventions for HER, ensuring that SHE remains at the centre and her health is a priority. Working together, we can achieve so much more, and the impact will be much greater. As the African proverb says: “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others”
Why Women?
Women are the cornerstone of society. Investing in women brings about a massive return on investment. By investing in women’s health, not only are we empowering women, we are also empowering society at large. Healthy women = Healthy Society = Healthy world
Africa is a beautiful continent, however women are still disproportionately disempowered and we have to contribute to changing this narrative. Some cultural practices have to be challenged and changed, access challenges have to be solved, to ensure that we provide an environment that allows the diamond that is the African woman, to shine. Through COWHA we can achieve this and so much more!

About the Board Chair

Mokgadi Mashishi
Mokgadi Mashishi is a Director for IBA, EPA and Biosimilars at Organon SA and SSA. She is responsible for established brands, Biosimilars and women’s health in markets across Sub-Saharan Africa. She has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare spanning from public sector, private sector, academia, to pharmaceutical industry. She serves on Organon South Africa Board of Directors. Mokgadi holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management (Wits Business School), BSc Dietetics (MEDUNSA), Business Leadership Programme (Duke University) and Professional Business Coaching (GIBS). She is currently studying towards an MSc Global Health Policy through London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
Mokgadi Mashishi, Chair Coalition of Women’s Health in Africa