How COWHA Works

"Collaboration is the new innovation.”

Through its collaborative model COWHA emphasizes on breaking down silos, fostering partnerships, and encouraging synergies among diverse stakeholders. By leveraging the strengths of both private and non-state entities, COWHA serves as a unified body strives towards strengthening the enabling environment of women’s health in Africa.
COWHA stands on pillars that underpin its operational framework. These pillars consist of:

Through these foundational elements, COWHA drives tangible change and contributes significantly to improving the health outcomes of women and girls across Africa.

COWHA’s Focus Countries

While COWHA’s commitment spans the entire African continent, specific focus countries have been strategically identified to maximize impact. Through targeted initiatives and partnerships, COWHA aims to address the unique health needs of women in Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, ensuring tailored and effective interventions.


COWHA’s Focus

The Technical Working Groups (TWGs) of COWHA are expert groups consisting of thematic professionals derived from member organizations and strategic partners. Currently, the Coalition manages four thematic TWGs:

COWHA’s Focus ​Area

The role of the TWGs is to develop practical approaches for COWHA to drive advancements of health of women and girls in relation to the thematic focus area per TWG. Each TWGs reports on quarterly basis the TWG key activities and progress to the Oversight Board.