66 %
of all global maternal deaths occur in Sub Saharan Africa
22 Million
women in Africa live with Cardiovascular diseases
65 %
of all cancer cases in Africa occur in women
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What is COWHA?

Coalition for Women’s Health in Africa (COWHA) is an engagement platform for knowledge, dialogue and action for improving women’s health in Africa. The coalition unifies private sector organizations that are working towards an enabling environment for women’s health in Africa.

COWHA is an initiative of Africa Health Business (AHB), a pan-African advisory and consulting firm that aims to increase equitable access to healthcare in Africa.

If women are empowered, women are healthy then societies are also healthy and empowered.

Mokgadi Mashishi

Business Unit Director (IBA, EPA and Biosimilars), Organon
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Thoughts on Women's Health

Women live longer than men, statistics show, however they may spend a greater proportion of their lives in poor health for a variety of reasons, attributable less to biological differences than to poverty and gender discrimination.
Nyawira Njeru
Women's health is global health and the cornerstone of families, communities, societies, and economies globally.
Nyawira Njeru,
Director of Market Access – Middle East & Africa
Marloes Kibacha
Where countries have prioritized women’s health in national policy, great progress has been made.
Marloes Kibacha,
Africa Health Business,
Managing Director
Working together to advance women's health

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